Camper is a camping app where people can find tips and reviews shared by other campers. It helps people to find the best camping area. With camper, anyone can learn about the camping areas they want to go, and plan road trips together with other campers.

UX Designer
May - July 2021
Scope of work
User Research, Competitor Research, Wireframing, Usability Testing, User Interface Design


People who want to go camping don't have access to the most up-to-date information about camp facilities within one platform.


User research & interviews

There are many websites and mobile applications targeting campers, however, none of them have active user base or communities. To examine this problem, I interviewed with 16 people who are active campers or who had never camped before but interested in camping.

Choosing right camping area
Sharing experience with all campers
Finding true information about camping areas

Challenges :
People want to find and access the information about the requirements of camping in one platform easily.


User Personas

Based on interviews, I analyzed patterns in people's answers and created two main personas. One for professional campers and one for nonprofessional campers.




With those personas needs and goals I started to produce ideas for the best camping experience for all campers. Also search competitors to better understand the market dynamics and create a competitive advantage of Camper. I sketched solutions by using crazy 8s method. I then placed these ideas in a priority matrix to decide what to focus on based on impact and effort score.


I put all ideas to a vote based on impact and effort required.

Priority matrix

End of the voting I had three main ideas :

1- Choosing camping area from map or selections
2-Information about camping areas and the ways from other campers experience
3-Edit your own trip into the App and the other users can vote for it or join your trip.



Low-Fi Wireframing

I created the paper wireframes to communicate the first ideas and start testing with users to catch issues early on in the process.


Hi-Fi Wireframing

I prepared hi-fi wireframes to reach more users with user feedback.



User testing & findings

I explored the ideas fast through wireframes & used colored to validate the design with users.


Design iterations based on findings

Based on the learnings from the user tests, I created new solutions and did iterations to improve the user experience. Below are three examples of many iterations I’ve executed.

Iterarion 1: Choosing camping area

Users usually decide location first. So I decided to change the design as a step by step option. In this way users can easily reach the best solution for them.


Iteration 2 : Confirmation about the selected area

For many users the most important thing about the area is the view. After that they read about the features. Last and certainly they want to see comments from other campers. I redesign these pages as users' priorities.


Iteration 3 : Sharing trips & communication

Users were confused by ‘put your trip to vote’ and other buttons about what they are really doing. I turned them into an icon where you can do everything with the same button.


What did I learn?

In the beginning I tried to design all ideas into the project. But I realise that not all the ideas are best for the users. Sometimes you can not see clearly what users exactly need and don’t need. Making the interviews and user testing is the best way to cast your net wide.

This project is still in progress. 


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